Posted by: Elizabeth A. (Betty) Thomas | January 11, 2016

Know Your Law Library: Reference Carolinas Collection

The Reference Carolinas Collection has resources that are particularly useful for students working in clinics and attorney members of the library. The resources in this area of the library are state specific materials for both North and South Carolina. They are available for use in the library only. They are not available for check out.

The Reference Carolinas Collection can be found on the 5th floor of the library adjacent to the Study Aids Collection.


The Reference Carolinas Collection includes….

Legal encyclopedias: Strong’s North Carolina Index 4th and South Carolina Jurisprudence are located here.


State Statutes: Both the General Statutes of North Carolina Annotated (Official) and West’s North Carolina General Statutes Annotated for North Carolina are in this section as well as The Code of Laws of South Carolina.


Digests: West’s North Carolina Digest and South Carolina Digest.


Practice Materials: These include everything from Pattern Jury Instructions and Douglas Forms to more specific treatises like Lee’s North Carolina Family Law and Shuford North Carolina Civil Practice and Procedure.


The collection is arranged in Library of Congress Classification System (LC), so check the Charlotte School of Law Library’s online catalog, ENCORE to find the location of a state specific resource.

Interested in becoming an attorney member? Check the Charlotte School of Law website and complete a Membership Application.


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