Posted by: Elizabeth A. (Betty) Thomas | April 17, 2016

We Love Our Public Libraries






At least that is what the research shows… In a presentation at the recent Computers in Libraries Conference, Lee Rainie, Director of Internet, Science and Technology Research at the Pew Research Center, explained data from new survey results to find out how we use our public libraries and the importance of libraries and learning in the future.


Here Is What We Think of Our Libraries Now

From earlier research, the Pew researchers know the following about what people think about their libraries (

  • People think libraries are very important, especially for communities.
  • In an era of systemic declines in trust in major institutions, people trust librarians
  • People think libraries level the playing field for those without vast resources
  • People think libraries provide services that are hard to get elsewhere
  • People believe libraries have rebranded themselves as tech hubs

While fewer people physically went to the library in the last three years; more people used their library’s website.

Fewer People Visit

Used website

And How Have Libraries Contributed To Their Communities?

Contributed to Community

What about the Future of Libraries?

 Cat Future pic

85% of People Surveyed Felt Libraries Should Help Local Schools Provide Resources to Kids

 Help schools

85% of People Surveyed Felt Libraries Should Offer Early Literacy Programs


78% of People Surveyed Felt Libraries Should Teach How To Use Digital Tools

 Digital Tools

Interestingly, the Pew researchers found that people identified themselves as learners.

Lifelong learners


…And why they are learners.

why lifelong

76% of people feel their library serves the learning needs of the community.

learning needs

Two other things people would like for libraries to do…

76% of people would like to learn about protecting privacy and security online.


                       64% of people would like more comfortable spaces in the library.      


In Conclusion, Lee Rainie pointed to David Weinberger’s article entitled Library as Platform as the Model for Future Libraries.

library as platform

 Something to Ponder

 Cat pondering




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